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Seema from Bangalore Indian Girl Real Whatsapp Mobile Number

Every person born in this world is unique, not even identical twins have common skills and interests. The Burman family of Delhi was blessed with the prettiest doll on earth whom she named jaya. Jaya was a sweet girl and throughout her childhood she was the most well-mannered kid one could have ever met. she belonged to a well to do family who wanted their kids to show off their wealth by every step they take in life from the use of imported stuff to the friendship that they develop at school. Though her parents were not so snobbish but her extended family was always boasting about one thing or the other. Here whatsapp number for chat and online whatsapp firendship for everyone.

Bangalore Indian Girls Real Whatsapp Mobile Number

Sometimes the coming events cast their shadows before and this came true in Jaya case, from her early childhood days she was not interested in battery operated toys that her parents provided he ran abundance, she always used to play with her maid daughter who was exactly her age. they used to play make believe games in which Jaya used to cook and the maids daughter used to taste the food and judge it. Her frankness with a servant daughter was not digestible for most of the family members but her father let her continue with her friendship as he was a highly qualified and broadminded person and no family member had the guts to oppose him.

Jaya was a brilliant student but she was the least interested in sciences. She had always dreamt of making mouthwatering dishes and feeding the poor with the same. Years went by and Jaya stood first in her graduation results. It was the time when her family has already started the search for a perfect match for her to marry. At that time Jaya was the least interested in marriage and wanted to pursue her dream of becoming a chaff soon as she disclosed he line of profession she had to bear a lot of confrontation by her uncles and aunts who considered it a low-profile kitchen job that any layman can do. her father interfered once again and provided his unconditional support for his beloved daughter.

He sent her to America to become a culinary expert and now she is running one of the finest hotels of the city and the hotel is managed by her uncle who was once the biggest opponent of her profession.

Name: Seema

City: Bangalore

Language: Hindi

Religion: Muslim

Email Address: seemakhan759@gmail.com

Status: Single

Whatsapp Number:

Updated: September 17, 2017 — 8:23 pm

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